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WORLDCOMP'15 Tutorial: Dr. Asoke Nath

Last modified 2015-07-12 11:21

Application of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
Dr. Asoke Nath
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, India

Date: Date & Time: July 28, 2015 (05:40pm - estimated duration: about 2+ hours)
Location: Sterling ABC


    MATLAB stands for “MATrix LABoratory”; it is a tool for numerical computation and visualization. In MATLAB the basic data element is a matrix. Applications that demand the manipulation of array-based data can significantly benefit from their MATLAB implementations (obviously, C and Fortran are also heavily used to implement such applications but they would involve more low-level coding). MATLAB normally works in interpreter mode. One can run programs from command prompt or can write a program in a text file whose extension is .m and then launched from command prompt. The educational version of MATALB software is available at The linux version of MATLAB version is also available. MATLAB is mainly used by scientists to solve scientific problems in physics, mathematics, statistics, economics, computer science, biological sciences, bio-informatics and many more. Programs can quite easily be implemented in MATLAB. MATLAB can be interfaced with different databases such as excel, access and high level languages like C, C++, JAVA, and others. MATLAB is very easy to learn by those who are familiar with at least one programming language. In this presentation, the authors will present the basic functionality of MATLAB and will discuss important scientific and engineering applications in the context of MATLAB.


    The objective of the presentation is to teach MATLAB and its usability as well as discuss a number of applications in the areas of science and engineering, numerical methods, optimization problems, image processing, audio processing, video capturing and others. The presentation will help not only the beginners but also the practitioners who wish to update their knowledge in the field.


    • Introduction to MATLAB
    • Different Control Statements in Matlab
    • Loop statements in MATLAB
    • Array Handling in MATLAB
    • Implementation of User Defined functions
    • String manipulation in MATLAB
    • File Processing in MATLAB
    • Image Processing in MATLAB
    • Audio Processing in MATLAB
    • Video Processing in MATLAB
    • Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
    • Conclusion and Future Trends in MATLAB


    The target audience may be of two categories:

      • The first category of audience may be experts in different disciplines who would like to learn MATLAB so that they can use it for their own applications.
      • The second category of audience may already be MATLAB practitioners who wish to learn more about it.


    From 1978-1981 Dr. Nath was actively involved in research work in Theoretical study on Crystal field theory. He did his post doctoral work on “Chaos in non linear optics” from 1984-1987 and published several papers in renowned International Journals. During his Ph.D. work and post doctoral work he has done massive computational work in main frame computer. From 1986 he completely switched over to computer science. Attended various National and International seminars, conference on computer science. Presently he is involved in research work on Crytography, Steganography, Image Processing, Green Computing, E-learning. He has published more than 130 papers in International Journals, conference proceedings both national and international. His paper on “Multi way feedback encryption standard(ver-I)” received the best paper award in International Conference ICETTR-2013 held at Nagpur in September 2013, India. He delivered key note addresses, tutorials on Cryptography and Network Security in Worldcomp 2012,2013,2014 held at Las Vegas, USA, ICETTR-2013 held at Nagpur, IEEE WICT 2011 held at Mumbai University, International conference held at Surat in March 2012, IEEE WICT 2013 held at Hanoi Vietnam, IEEE ICMIRA held at SMVDU, Jammu in December 2013, IEEE International Conference on Devices Circuits and Communications (ICDCCom-2014) held in Sept 2014 at BIT Mesra(Ranchi), IEEE conference held at Hotel Pride Kolkata in Nov 2014 . He is the member of board of Editors in more than 30 International Journals in Computer Science and Information Technology. He is also Editor in Chief of International Journal on Network Security. He is a life member of CSI Calcutta chapter, member of MIR Labs(USA).

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