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WORLDCOMP'15 Tutorial: Prof. Diego Galar

Last modified 2015-07-12 11:18

eMaintenance: Knowledge Discovery in asset data by the means of data mining
Prof. Diego Galar
Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering
LuleƄ University of Technology, 971 87 Lulea, Sweden

Date: Date & Time: July 28, 2015 (06:00pm - estimated duration: about 2+ hours)
Location: Ballroom 1


    Assets are composed by multiple complex systems. Each system is built with components which, over time, may fail. When a component does fail, it is difficult to identify it because the effects or problems that the failure has on the system are often neither obvious in terms of their source nor unique. These problems have been historically solved by experienced personnel with in-depth training and experience. Typically, these experts used available information recorded in a log. Looking through the log, they used their accumulated expertise to link incidents to the problems that may be causing them. Indeed the complexity of the assets as systems of systems has shifted the diagnosis, prognosis and other maintenance services from physics based to data driven. Moreover, the data collected are often dispersed across independent systems that are difficult to access, fuse and mine due to disparate nature and granularity. If the data from these independent systems are combined into a common correlated data source, this new set of information could add value to the individual data sources by the means of data mining. The tutorial is recommended for researchers and practitioners who are interested in knowledge extraction from asset data, no matter the nature, the size or other properties. During the tutorial the attendees will have the opportunity to see the different data types with disparate nature and granularity present in asset management with examples of systems which collect and record this data. Integration of the asset data with common taxonomies will be also presented in a simple way to show the possibilities offered by properly prepared data in the needful data mining process.

    The way of presenting the state of the art of eMaintenance will be as a case oriented tutorial where success stories from different sectors like transportation (aircraft or railway) and process industry will be presented.


    Prof. Diego Galar holds a M.Sc. in Telecommunications and a PhD degree in Design and Manufacturing from the University of Saragossa. He has been Professor in several universities, including the University of Saragossa or the European University of Madrid, researcher in the Department of Design and Manufacturing Engineering in the University of Saragossa, researcher also in I3A, Institute for engineering research in Aragon, director of academic innovation and subsequently pro-vice-chancellor.

    He has authored more than hundred journal and conference papers, books and technical reports in the field of maintenance, working also as member of editorial boards, scientific committees and chairing international journals and conferences.

    In industry, he has been technological director and CBM manager of international companies, and actively participated in national and international committees for standardization and R&D in the topics of reliability and maintenance.

    Currently, he is Professor of Condition Monitoring in the Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering at LTU, LuleƄ University of Technology, where he is coordinating several EU-FP7 projects related to different maintenance aspects and is also involved in the SKF UTC centre located in Lulea focused in SMART bearings.

    In the international arena, he has been visiting Professor in the Polytechnic of Braganza (Portugal) and NIU (USA), currently University of Valencia, University of Sunderland (UK), University of Maryland (USA).
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