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WORLDCOMP'15 Tutorial: Mehdi Bahrami

Last modified 2015-07-12 11:19

Data Privacy for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps
Mehdi Bahrami
University of California Merced, USA

Date: Date & Time: July 29, 2015 (05:40pm - estimated duration: about 2+ hours)
Location: Ballroom 1


    Cloud computing system provides virtual IT infrastructures with a set of resources that are shared with multi-tenant users. Data Privacy is one of the major challenges when users outsource their data to a cloud computing system. Data privacy can be violated by the cloud vendor, vendor’s authorized users, other cloud users, unauthorized users, or external malicious entities. Encryption is one of the solutions to protect and maintain privacy of cloud-stored data. However, encryption methods are complex and expensive for mobile devices. This tutorial will review key methods for data security and data privacy. It will compare all features of methods, and their pros and cons. The tutorial will review our recent study on a light-weight data privacy method for mobile clients. The method stores data on one or multiple clouds by using pseudo-random permutation based on chaos systems. The method can be used in client mobile devices to store data in the cloud(s) without using cloud computing resources for encryption to maintain user’s privacy. We consider JPEG image format as a case study to present and evaluate the method. Our results show that the method achieves superior performance compare to encryption methods, such as AES and encryption on JPEG encoders while protecting the mobile user data privacy.


    This tutorial composed of a lecture, active learning, case study review, and discussion session. The session is divided into the following sub-sessions:
      Session 1
        • Background and an introduction to cloud computing, mobile cloud computing and software architecture
        • Mobile cloud computing services
        • Data security and data privacy methods in mobile cloud computing
        • Review major cloud vendor services for mobile cloud-based apps, programming tools, subscription rates and platform capabilities
        • Future mobile cloud-based apps
      Session 2
        • Data and apps migration to mobile cloud computing systems
        • Big data and its data security challenges
        • A light-weight data privacy method for mobile cloud computing systems
        • Future work in data privacy in mobile cloud computing
      Discussion and Q&A (40 minutes)


    This tutorial is intended for faculty, graduate student, scientist and professionals who needs to understand mobile cloud computing and its data privacy challenges. Audience needs to know only basic information about computer science and mobile apps.


    Mehdi Bahrami works in the Cloud Lab at University of California Merced, and he is a senior member of the IEEE. He has more than 10 years of software industry experience and more than 5 years of teaching experience in the field of computer science. He has published several technical papers in the areas of Cloud Computing Architecture. He served as the editor-in-chief of Journal of Soft Computing and Software Engineering. He is an editor, reviewer for several international computer science journals, including Springer journals. He also served as a technical program committee member for several international IEEE computer science conferences. He served as a featured speaker in several international conferences including IEEE conferences. He has extensive experience with software engineering and developing distributed software applications in diverse platforms, such as Web-based, Windows-based, and Android-based systems. He is a recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Leadership Award from Margo F. Souza Leadership Center, an achievement award in recognition of contributions to the field of Cloud Computing from World of Comping Congress 2014 and several fellowship awards during his Ph.D. study at UC Merced. His research interests include Cloud Computing Architectures, Data Privacy and Data Encryption in Mobile Cloud Computing, Big Data Architectures and Software Engineering. Prior to this tutorial, Mehdi was recently a featured speaker and a panelist at IEEE ITMC’14 in Chicago, IEEE SMC’14 in San Diego, SCSE’15 at the University of California Berkeley, IEEE Cloud-based Big Data Summit 2015 in San Francisco and an invited speaker at Stanford University.


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