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Invited Talk - Prof. Igor Schagaev

Last modified 2015-07-12 11:31

Evolving Systems: Theory, Implementation, Application
Prof. Igor Schagaev
London Metropolitan University London, UK

Date & Time: July 30 (Thursday), 2015; 10:20am - 11:00am
Location: Sterling ABC Room


    Evolving systems is a new area of research that includes and not limited to concept, essential theory, supportive models, prototypes and trial implementations. To make evolving property tangible Redundancy and reconfigurability of the system should be analyzed using supportive graph-logic, control-data-predicate and active system control models. Evolving computer system prototype will be discussed explaining modifications of essential hardware elements, self-evolving algorithms, system software constructs required to include in language and run-time system.

    The application of theory of evolving systems will be discussed with modeling of system such as aircraft and large-scale industrial projects. Supportive tools for analysis of evolving property will be described, explaining how to estimate an efficiency of proposed theory and implementation.

    Evolving system concept and application area propagates from math and computer science up to aerospace systems, econometrics and self-morphing curriculum design.

    The talk includes the following sections:
      • Sound conceptual model for evolving systems: Theory of redundancy, Evolving system architecture, System software support of hardware efficiency, Resilient Computer System Design, Method of active system design.
      • Theory and formal basis, including essential models of system analysis and information processing with support of evolving properties
      • Implementation of evolving model of complex system - a model of information, state and physical representation as one entity (dependency matrix) for aerospace and large-scale processes.
      • Models and tool for analysis of evolving properties
      • Prototyping of evolving architecture: new properties of hardware, language, run-time system, synchronization.
      • Next steps of evolving system program – future work


    Prof Igor Schagaev received degree of Engineer Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1977, PhD in Computer Science 1987 from Inst. of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Science. Currently Igor is Professor of Computer Science in London Metropolitan University and research advisor of ITACS Ltd, UK. Igor was keynotes speaker for several International conferences (IFAC98 (Patras), IFAC 99 (Sofia), ICWANC12 (Hainan), did consulting for Boeing, Airbus and a similar companies.

    Igor and his team made industrial prototype of active system safety see has published 60+ papers and four books, see the latest

    Professor Schagaev holds the patent on Method of active conditional control now known as “health monitoring systems”. Igor was scientific leader of ONBASS project (Grant of FP6 EC 2004-08), author of Evolving Reconfigurable Architecture approach; 8 PhD and DBA students were completed under Igor’s supervision.

    Igor’s current research interests are: evolving systems from concept and essential theory down to computer architectures, system software and up to macro design of evolving systems at the level of structure and life-cycle process, including formation of self-evolving curriculum.
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