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Call For Participation
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Important Dates
July 27-30, 2015
20 joint conferences

Featured Workshops
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Other Featured Keynotes
Dr. Akash Singh
IBM Corporation, USA

World of IoT and Connected Cars


Call For Participation

Last modified 2015-07-09 18:18

                      Call For Participation

            The 2015 World Congress in Computer Science,
            Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing

                July 27-30, 2015, Las Vegas, USA

This is an invitation to attend The 2015 World Congress in Computer
Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing. The congress
is composed of 20 major tracks composed of: 14 tutorials; 720 research
presentations divided into 141 sessions and workshops; and 16 keynotes,
invited lectures, and panel discussions, ... - all will be held
simultaneously, same location and dates: July 27-30, 2015. Attendees
will have full access to all conferences' sessions, tracks, and
tutorials. Registration is required to attend. As of now, 59% of
registrants are from academia, 23% from industry; 17% from government
and funding agencies; and 1% unknown (correct as of July 6). About
half of the attendees are from outside USA; from 77 nations. The
congress has participants, speakers, authors affiliated with over 170
different universities (including many from the top 50 ranked
institutions), many major IT corporations (including, Microsoft, Google,
Apple, SAP, Oracle, Amazon, Yahoo, Samsung, IBM, Ebay, GE, Siemens, and
others), government research agencies (NSF, NIH, DoE, US Air Force, a
number of security agencies, and others), and national laboratories
(including, NASA, ANL, LLNL, Sandia, ORNL, Lawrence Berkeley National
Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, ...) In addition, we will also have
speakers discussing Intellectual Property issues as well as other
related topics.

See below for:

A. General Information
B. Broad Topical Scopes
C. Registration Information (Deadline: July 22, 2015)
D. Congress Schedules/Programs
E. Location of congress (hotel)
F. Partial list of planned Tutorials and Featured Keynotes
G. Partial list of organized sessions
H. Misc Information

We look forward to seeing you July 27-30, 2015.
-----------------------------cut here-----------------------------


   Advances in Big Data Analytics (ABDA); Parallel and Distributed Processing
   Techniques and Applications (PDPTA); Health Informatics and Medical
   Systems (HIMS); Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BIOCOMP);
   Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (BIOENG); Image Processing, Computer
   Vision, and Pattern Recognition (IPCV); Artificial Intelligence (ICAI);
   Security and Management (SAM); Software Engineering Research and Practice
   (SERP); e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and
   e-Government (EEE); Wireless Networks (ICWN); Data Mining (DMIN); Internet
   Computing and Big Data (ICOMP); Frontiers in Education in Computer Science
   and Computer Engineering (FECS); Scientific Computing (CSC); Modeling,
   Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV); Embedded Systems and
   Applications (ESA); Grid and Cloud Computing and Applications (GCA);
   Foundations of Computer Science (FCS); and Information & Knowledge
   Engineering (IKE).

C. REGISTRATION INFORMATION: (Deadline: July 22, 2015)

   The detailed schedule will be available in mid July (under the tab
   "Program") at: 

   Attendees are to reserve their hotel rooms as soon as possible. A limited
   number of rooms are available at the reduced negotiated rate -
   reservations will be honored on the first-come first-served basis.

   In addition to the above, there are a number of focused invited talks
   and lectures in individual tracks (these are not listed in the above
   links but will be listed in the individual schedules for each conference

   Tutorials are free to conference registrants - Tutorial titles include
   (partial list): most tutorials are 3 hours long:

   -> Cyberwarfare, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
   -> Energy-Aware Resource Management for Computing Systems
   -> Best Practices for Developing Real-World Mobile Apps, Software as a
      Service (SaaS) and Web Services
   -> Building Dependable Distributed Systems
   -> What Should We Know About Computational Humor
   -> Introduction to Cryptography and Network Security
   -> JavaFX Quickstart - Moving Beyond Swing for Rich User Interfaces
   -> Human Motion Tracking and Recognition with Microsoft Kinect
   -> eMaintenance: Knowledge Discovery in Asset Data by the Means of
      Data Mining
   -> Application of MATLAB in Science and Engineering
   -> Analyzing and Protecting RFID and Card Access Systems
   -> Data Privacy for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps
   -> Integrative Big-Data Analysis for Translational Genomics Research

   Partial/featured list of Keynotes/Invited Talks:

   -> Computing the Context at the End of the Non-Semantic Era
      Prof. Victor Raskin
      Distinguished Professor of English and Linguistics and Professor of
      Computer Science and of Computer and Information Technology (Courtesy);
      Co-Founder, Associate Director, and Charter Fellow of Center for
      Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS);
      Purdue University, Indiana, USA

   -> Lessons from Commercializing Ideas from Colleges Around the World:
      What College Students, Faculty and Researchers Must Do to be Successful
      Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee
      EVx Global (; Named Young Global Leader by the World
      Economic Forum for his professional accomplishments, commitment to
      society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.

   -> Artificial Neurogenesis
      Dr. James A. Crowder
      Chief Engineer, Raytheon Intelligence, Information, and Services;
      Aurora, Colorado, USA; Chief Mentor/Scientist of the Automation,
      Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Lab - Alexandria School
      of Innovation, Douglas County, Colorado, USA

   -> The Infinity Computer and Numerical Computations with Infinities and
      Prof. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev, Ph.D., D.Sc., D.H.C.
      Inventor of the Infinity Computer; Distinguished Professor, Head of
      Numerical Calculus Laboratory, University of Calabria, Rende, Italy;
      and Professor (part-time), Lobachevsky State University, Nizhni
      Novgorod, Russia

   -> Data Science: The Road Ahead
      Dr. Peter Geczy
      National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
      (AIST), Japan

   -> Evolving Systems: Theory, Implementation, Application
      Prof. Igor Schagaev
      London Metropolitan University, London, UK; Research Advisor of
      ITACS Ltd, UK

   -> Funding Enabling Technologies
      Dr. Steve Richfield
      Founder of Savant AI Holdings, USA

   -> Systems Genomics Approaches for Streamlined Big-Data Integrative
      Genomics Analysis
      Dr. Mary Yang
      Director of MidSouth Bioinformatics Center; Director of the Joint
      Bioinformatics Ph.D. Program of University of Arkansas Little Rock
      Donaghey College of Engineering & Information Technology and
      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas, USA

   -> Data Mining for RUL Estimation of Complex Assets
      Prof. Diego Galar
      Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering, Lulea University
      of Technology, Lulea, Sweden

   -> Panel: Virtual Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence: The Good,
      The Bad, and the Ugly
      PANEL CHAIR/Moderator: Dr. James A. Crowder, Chief Engineer,
      Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services, Aurora, Colorado, USA;
      Prof. Victor Raskin*, Dr. Julia Taylor**, Dr. John N. Carbone***
      *Distinguished Professor of English and Linguistics and Professor of
      Computer Science and of Computer and Information Technology (Courtesy);
      Co-Founder, Associate Director, and Charter Fellow of Center for
      Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS);
      Purdue University, Indiana, USA
      **Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Technology; Fellow of
      Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and
      Security (CERIAS), Purdue University, Indiana, USA
      ***Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services,
      Aurora, Colorado, USA

   -> Panel: Security Challenges
      PANEL CHAIR/Moderator: Prof. George Markowsky
      Professor and Associate Director, School of Computing and Information
      Science; Chair Int'l Advisory Board of IEEE IDAACS; Director 2013
      Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition; Cooperating Prof. School
      of Policy & Int'l Affairs UMaine; University of Maine, Orono, USA

G. PARTIAL LIST OF ORGANIZED SESSIONS (multiple speakers per session):
   Some of these sessions are further divided into more focused sessions
   and many have topics that overlap the topics of other sessions (correct
   as of July 6, 2015)

   -> High Performance Computing, Distributed and Parallel Processing,
   -> Big Data, Data Centers and Cloud Computing
   -> Big Data Search, Mining Methods, Clustering, Knowledge Extraction
      and Engineering
   -> Applications of Big Data + Software Tools
   -> Big Data Analytics and Related Issues
   -> Bioinformatics
   -> Protein Classification and Structure Prediction, and Folding
   -> Computational Structural Biology and Drug Design
   -> Gene Expression, Regulatory Networks, and Sequencing
   -> Signal Processing and Imaging Science
   -> Computational Biology
   -> Medical Devices and Supporting Systems
   -> Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Science
   -> Computational Science and Optimization Methods
   -> Modeling and Simulation Frameworks
   -> Fuzzy Logic and Systems + Data Science
   -> Semantic Web and Web Services
   -> Simulation and Computational Modeling Methods
   -> Finite Element Methods and Finite Difference Methods
   -> Cellular Automata
   -> Scientific Computing, Algorithms and Applications
   -> Real-World Data Mining Applications, Challenges, and Perspectives
   -> Regression, Classification, Clustering, Association
   -> Segmentation, Clustering, Association + Multimedia Mining
   -> Management Issues, Web Tools + Prediction and Forcasting Methods
   -> e-Business, e-Commerce, Enterprise Information Systems
   -> e-Learning + Educational Concepts and Tools, and Academia Related
   -> Embedded Systems and Novel Application
   -> Embedded Microcontollers + Optimizations
   -> HPC + Virtual Machines + Fault Tolerant Devices
   -> Resource Constrained Devices
   -> Power Aware Computing and Energy Minimization
   -> Graph and Network Based Algorithms + Formal Methods
   -> Optimization Methods + Search and Indexing Algorithms
   -> Foundation of Computer Science + Education
   -> Use of Robots, Gamification, and Other Technologies in Education
   -> Teaching Methodologies, Curriculum and Course Development
   -> Adaptive Learning Systems + Experiential Learning
   -> Online and Massive Open Online Courses
   -> Assessment Strategies + Student Outcomes + and Accreditation
   -> Case Studies, Capstone Projects to Enhance Learning
   -> Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - STEM Education
   -> Flipping the Classroom
   -> Recruiting Students to Computer Science, Retention Methods and
      Strategies + Addressing Diversity Issues
   -> Teaching and Testing Tools and Methods, e-Textbooks
   -> Cloud Computing, Cloud Services and Security + Mobile Computing
   -> Scalable Computing + Data Centers
   -> Novel Methods and Systems to Enhance Diagnosis + Tools for
      Hospital Emergency Rooms
   -> Elderly Care: Systems, Methods, and Novel Practices + Assistive
   -> Healthcare and Medical Information Systems, Monitoring Systems
   -> Healthcare and Cloud Infrastructure + Mobile Systems + Wearables
   -> Computer Algorithms and Systems + Surgery Planning + Drug Discovery
      and New Frameworks for Prediction and Early Detection of Diseases
   -> Informatics for Education and Research in Health and Medicine
   -> Robotics and Applications - hardware and software
   -> Genetic Algorithms + Evolutionary Strategies
   -> Fuzzy Logic and Sets, Fuzzy Control and Applications
   -> Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning
   -> Knowledge Base Systems, Representation, Discovery + Information
      Engineering Methods and Related Issues
   -> Intelligent Linguistic Technologies
   -> Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing
   -> Artificial Intelligence: Theory, Algorithms and Applications +
      Cognitive Science
   -> Pattern Recognition and Supporting Algorithms
   -> Neural Networks
   -> Internet and Web Computing, Infrastructures + Security and Privacy
   -> Mobility: Mobile Computing and Applications
   -> Wireless Sensor Networks
   -> Security, Privacy, and Related Systems and Algorithms
   -> Ad-Hoc Networks, MANET
   -> Green Networks and Energy Efficient Systems
   -> Information and Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Sharing
   -> Big Data Analytics + Data Warehouse Design + Social Media +
      Business Intelligence and Recommender Systems
   -> Knowledge Engineering and Information Fusion + Knowledge Discovery
      and Semantic Web
   -> Information Retrieval AND Ontology Based Methods
   -> Legislation and Intellectual Property Issues
   -> Identity Management Methods
   -> Recognition and Detection Methods: Face, Gesture, Object, Character
   -> Image Segmentation Methods
   -> Wavelet Transformation, Analysis, Applications + Watermarking
      Methods, Security, Privacy, and Encryption Methods
   -> Motion Segmentation, Tracking Algorithms + Video Processing,
      Analysis and Applications
   -> Pattern Recognition and Feature Detection, Extraction and
   -> Imaging Science Algorithms for 2D and 3D
   -> Computer Vision + Medical Imaging + Assistive Technologies
   -> Soft Computing in Image Processing and Computer Vision
   -> Modeling, Visualization, and Virtual Environments
   -> Simulation, Numerical Methods, and Applications
   -> Resource Management, Resource Allocation, Scheduling, and Data
   -> Distributed Processing, and Applications
   -> Communication Topologies and Interconnection Networks
   -> Software Tools and Systems and Parallelizing Compilers
   -> Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving
   -> Parallel Processing Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
   -> Cloud Computing and Next Generation
   -> Mobile Computing, Ad Hoc Networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks
   -> Hardware and Software Reconfigurability
   -> Network on Chip (NOC) and Embedded Systems
   -> HPC for Complex Systems
   -> Biometrics + Forensics + Security Education
   -> Cybersecurity Education
   -> Computer Security + Security Applications
   -> Cryptographic Technologies and Hardware Security
   -> Security Management
   -> Network Security + Cybersecurity Education
   -> Embedded Wearable Security + Covert Communication and Information
   -> Security Applications + Cryptology + Biometrics
   -> Formal Methods + Process and Product Line Improvement + Agile
      Development + Workflow Management + Project Management
   -> Testing, Verification, Validation Methods + Security Analysis,
      and Software Quality Issues
   -> Software Engineering and Software Scalability
   -> Modeling Languages, UML + Petri Nets, SOA and Applications +
      Portability + Requirements Engineering and Aspect Oriented
      Software Engineering
   -> Software Architecture and Frameworks + Enterprise Architecture

   To get a feeling about the conferences' atmosphere, see some
   delegates photos available at:

   (to see a slide show, click on "Start SlideShow" tab at the url above.)

   Publication: Measurable Scientific Impact of Congress:
   As of December 14, 2014, papers published in the conference proceedings
   that have been held as part of this congress, have received over
   27,914 citations (includes 3,346 self-citations). Citation data is
   obtained from Microsoft Academic Search. The citation data does not
   even include more than 15,000 other citations to papers in conferences
   whose first offerings were initiated by this congress.

Inquiries should be sent to:

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