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July 27-30, 2015
20 joint conferences

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Dr. Akash Singh
IBM Corporation, USA

World of IoT and Connected Cars


WORLDCOMP'15 - The 2015 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing

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WORLDCOMP'15 Steering Committee's Welcome

Welcome to 2015 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing (WORLDCOMP'15) website. WORLDCOMP 2015 will be composed of research presentations, keynote lectures, invited presentations, tutorials, panel discussions, and poster presentations.

In recent past, keynote/tutorial/panel speakers have included: Prof. David A. Patterson (pioneer, architecture, U. of California, Berkeley), Dr. K. Eric Drexler (known as Father of Nanotechnology), Prof. John H. Holland (known as Father of Genetic Algorithms; U. of Michigan), Prof. Ian Foster (known as Father of Grid Computing; U. of Chicago & ANL), Prof. Ruzena Bajcsy (pioneer, VR, U. of California, Berkeley), Prof. Barry Vercoe (Founding member of MIT Media Lab, MIT), Dr. Jim Gettys (known as X-man, developer of X Window System, xhost; OLPC), Prof. John Koza (known as Father of Genetic Programming, Stanford U.), Prof. Brian D. Athey (NIH Program Director, U. of Michigan), Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna (pioneer, U. of Southern California), Dr. Jose L. Munoz (NSF Program Director and Consultant), Prof. Jun Liu (pioneer, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard U.), Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh (Father of Fuzzy Logic), Dr. Firouz Naderi (Head, NASA Mars Exploration Program/ 2000-2005 and Associate Director, Project Formulation & Strategy, Jet Propulsion Lab, CalTech/NASA; Director, NASA's JPL Solar System Exploration), Prof. David Lorge Parnas (Fellow of IEEE, ACM, RSC, CAE, GI; Dr.h.c.: ETH Zurich, Prof. Emeritus, McMaster U. and U. of Limerick), Prof. Eugene H. Spafford (Executive Director, CERIAS and Professor, Purdue University), Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee (Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, SourceTrace Systems, Inc.), Prof. Haym Hirsh (Dean, Cornell University - formerly at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and former director of Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, National Science Foundation, USA), Dr. Flavio Villanustre (Vice-President, HPCC Systems), Prof. Victor Raskin (Distinguished Professor, Purdue University, USA); Prof. Alfred Inselberg (School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Senior Fellow, San Diego Supercomputing Center; Inventor of the multidimensional system of Parallel Coordinates and author of textbook);

  Featured Keynotes
Computing the Context at the End of the Non-Semantic Era
Prof. Victor Raskin
Distinguished Professor of English and Linguistics and Professor of Computer Science and of Computer and Information Technology (Courtesy);
Purdue University
Indiana, USA
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Lessons from Commercializing Ideas from Colleges Around the World: What College Students, Faculty and Researchers Must Do to be Successful
Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee
EVx Global
Named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for his professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.
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  Featured Tutorials
Energy-Aware Resource Management for Computing Systems
Prof. H. J. Siegel
Abell Endowed Chair Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Computer Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA;
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Human Motion Tracking and Recognition with Microsoft Kinect
Prof. Wenbing Zhao
Associate Professor, Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cleveland State University, USA
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The 21st International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'15) The 11th International Conference on Data Mining (DMIN'15)
The 19th International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition (IPCV'15) The 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'15)
The 14th International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'15) The 11th International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (FECS'15)
The 16th International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BIOCOMP'15) The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Big Data Analytics (ABDA'15)
The 13th International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP'15) The 14th International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government (EEE'15)
The 14th International Conference on Wireless Networks (ICWN'15) The 16th International Conference on Internet Computing (ICOMP'15)
International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems (HIMS'15) International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Science (BIOENG'15)
The 13th International Conference on Scientific Computing (CSC'15) The 12th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV'15)
The 13th International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications (ESA'15) The 11th International Conference on Foundations of Computer Science (FCS'15)
The 14th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (IKE'15) The 11th International Conference on Grid Computing and Applications (GCA'15)

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