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WORLDCOMP'14 Tutorial: Prof. Igor Schagaev

Last modified 2014-07-16 20:55

Fault Tolerance and Beyond
Prof. Igor Schagaev
Professor of Computer Science
London Metropolitan University, UK
Research Advisor to ITACS Ltd, UK

Date: July 23, 2014 - 6:00pm
Location: Ballroom 2


    Theoretical foundations of fault tolerance are introduced together with methods of analysis and concepts. Examples of known tolerant system are presented and described including main elements - processors, memories and interfacing logic. Reliability and analysis estimation are introduced. Drawbacks of existing systems are explained, showing limitations of hardware and software. Role of system software to support hardware fault tolerance is described in details including language and run-time system required properties. As a further development an approach to design of evolving computer systems is presented. New design principles, models of representation for algorithms and architecture are introduced and described with explanation how to achieve reconfigurability to ease parallelism and reduce concurrency. Structure of required system software and hardware for reconfigurable adaptable system are presented and explained. Prototype architecture of evolving system of computer is demonstrated and discussed in terms of gain for performance, reliability and power-saving. Comparison with Berkley vision to future computer is given.


    Past. Consistent overview of design, development and maintenance of fault tolerant systems, estimation of achieved and analysis of drawbacks; introduction of redundancy in hardware and system software with evaluation of impact on properties of future systems. Present. Demonstration what is required in system software (language and run-time system) to make safety critical system efficient. Introduction and analysis of new hardware (as prototype) require to increase efficiency of future systems.

    Future. Presentation of new paradigm of evolving systems, with element of theory, design, development and analysis of achievable.

Intended Audience

    Industrialists, researchers, and lecturers from domains: avionic and aerospace systems, medical transport and safety critical designs, embedded systems, real-time safety critical systems, reliability modelling, system software analysis and development, hardware design of next generation computers, health monitoring system specialists. University colleagues involved in engineering and ICT MSci courses in mentioned areas are also welcomed.

Biography of Instructors

    Igor Schagaev received degree of Engineer Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1977, PhD in Computer Science 1987 from Inst. of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Science, worked in Inst. of control sciences 1987-2001. Currently Igor is Professor of Computer Science in London Metropolitan University and research advisor of ITACS Ltd, UK. Igor was keynotes speaker for several International conferences (IFAC98 Patras, IFAC 99 Sofia, Hainan 2011), did consulting for Boeing and a similar companies. Igor and his team made industrial prototype of active system safety see has published 60+ papers see and has published two books, see the latest at . Professor Schagaev holds the patent on Method of active conditional control now known as “health monitoring systems”, was scientific leader of ONBASS project (Grant of FP6 EC 2004-08), author of Evolving Reconfigurable Architecture approach; 7 PhD and DBA students were successfully completed under Igor’s supervision.

    Igor’s current research interests are: computer architectures; active system control theory and implementation and related math models; evolving systems, their system software and hardware; performance-, reliability-, energy-smart systems, in brief see

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