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WORLDCOMP'14 Tutorial: Dr. Asoke Nath and Ms. Joyshree Nath

Last modified 2014-07-04 17:37

Cryptography and Network Security

Dr. Asoke Nath 1 & Ms. Joyshree Nath 2
1 St. Xavier's College (Atonomous), West Bengal, India
2 Calcutta University, Kolkata, India

Date: July 21, 2014 - 5:45pm
Location: Silver Room


    Due to massive exploration in Internet technologies, the security of data has become a real challenge to all spheres of our life. There is no assurance that the data is not intercepted by some hacker whenever there is communication between client machines and/or between server machines. Encryption helps to avoid disastrous situations. Cryptography is an important area that addresses the problem of encrypting the plain text or the clear text and also addresses the problem of decrypting an encrypted message. There are essentially two types of encryption methods: (i) Symmetric Key Cryptography where one key is used for encryption as well as decryption processes; and, (ii) Public key Encryption methods where one uses one key (called public key) for encryption process and another key (called private key) for the decryption process. The encryption key is distributed to the sender and the decryption key is distributed to the receiver only. In this tutorial, we will be discussing both, symmetric key and public key cryptography methods. Below, you will find the topical content and the overall structure of the tutorial:

    • Basics of Security
    • History of Cryptography
    • Brief introduction to symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography
    • Different symmetric key algorithms:
        (i) Caseser Cipher method
        (ii)Modified Caeser Cipher method
        (iii)Rail Fence method
        (iv) Columnar Transposition method
        (iv)Vernam Cipher method
        (v) Hill Cipher method
        (vi) Playfair method
        (vii)Diffie-Hellman key exchange method
    • Some Recent symmetric key algorithms developed by Nath (i) Bit level Encryption Standard(BLES) (ii)Multi Way Feedback Encryption Standard(MWFES)
    • Public key cryptography: (i) Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) method
    • Introduction to message digest: MD2,MD4,MD5.
    • Some important methods :SHA-1, Kurberos
    • Conclusion


    The main objective of this presentation is to discuss efficient cryptography methods. There are quite a number of cryptography methods available. In the present study we will primarily discuss some efficient symmetric key methods and also public key cryptography. Special emphasize will be given to security system as they relate to sensor networks and mobile networks. Recently Nath et al developed some efficient symmetric key cryptography algorithm which will be presented in this tutorial.

Intended Audience

    The audience may be of 2 categories: (i) The first category audience includes experts in different disciplines who wish to learn about network security and cryptography and (ii) Those who are working in cryptography but would like to learn more about the subject. We are hoping that our tutorial will serve both, the beginners and also the experts.

Biography of Instructors

    Dr. Asoke Nath is Associate Professor in Computer Science in St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata,India. From 1978-1981 he was actively involved in research work in Theoretical study on Crystal field theory. He did post doctoral work on “Chaos in non linear optics” (1984-1987) and published several papers in renowned International Journals. During his Ph.D. work and post doctoral work he had been involved in massive computational work using mainframe computers. From 1986 his interested moved him to computer science. He attended various National and International seminars and conferences in computer science. Presently he is involved in research work on Crytography, Steganography, Image Processing, Green Computing, and E-learning. He has published 92 papers in International Journals and conference proceedings (both national and international). His paper on “Multi way feedback encryption standard(ver-I)” received the best paper award in International Conference ICETTR-2013 held at Nagpur in September 2013, India. He delivered key note addresses and tutorials on Cryptography and Network Security. He has presented papers at worldcomp 2011, 2012, 2013 held at Las Vegas, USA, ICETTR-2013 held at Nagpur, WICT 2011 held at Mumbai University, International conference held at Surat in March 2012. His is the member of board of Editors in various International Journals in Computer Science and Information Technology. He is a life member of CSI Calcutta chapter, member of MIR Labs(USA) and ACM(USA).

    Ms. Joyshree Nath has passed M.Tech(IT) from C.U. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor in B.P.Poddar Institute Technology and Management, Kolkata. She has published over 25 papers in International and national journals. Currently she is involved in research work in Bio-informatics. She has published several papers on Network security, Cryptography and Steganography. She has presented papers and tutorials in World Comp 2011, 2012, and 2013 held at Las Vegas, USA.

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