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WORLDCOMP'14 Tutorial: Dr. Henry Hexmoor

Last modified 2014-07-04 17:38

Agents at High Seas
Dr. Henry Hexmoor
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
Southern Illinois University
Illinois, USA
Senior Member, IEEE.

Date: July 22, 2014 - 5:45pm
Location: Ballroom 2


    Agents cohabit our devices, vehicles, houses, schools, hospitals, banks, and governments. People and agents form myriad of networks akin to oceans of water molecules. Majority of our networks are complex engineering networks that facilitate physical, social, and economic exchanges. Agents in deliberate networks have limited states and scopes. Agents in unintended or under-engineered networks operate without safeguards of rules as if on high seas. In this talk, I review nuances of networks and opportunities they offer us. I then highlight the network high seas and agents that navigate them. I will focus on scenarios that illustrate different approaches, including through the use of agents on networks and suggest some key challenges that need to be addressed to drive the field forward.


    To introduce nuances of networks and strategic reasoning within

Intended Audience

    Managers and students interested in demystified view of networks.

Biography of Instructors

    Henry Hexmoor is Associate Professor of Computer Science at Southern Illinois University, where he works on Agents, intelligent systems, and networks. He received the M.S. degree from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, and the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the State University of New York, Buffalo, in 1996. He is a long time IEEE senior member. He has taught at the University of North Dakota before a stint at the University of Arkansas. He has published widely in artificial intelligence. His work has sought to take a principled approach to the development of agent principles including robotic systems.

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