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Important Dates
July 17, 2013
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July 22-25, 2013
The 2013 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing

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Workshops - Sessions

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  • 5th Cellular Automata, Theory and Applications Workshop (*A-PDPTA’13)
      Cellular Automata, a computational paradigm of Scientific Computing, are parallel computing models and discrete dynamical systems, utilized for modeling and simulating complex systems whose evolution can be described in terms of local interactions. Following the success of our previous Cellular Automata, Theory and Applications Workshop, which included exciting keynotes addressed from leading Cellular Automata researchers, Prof. Dr. Peter Sloot, and by Prof. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev, father of the Infinity Computer, we are glad to invite you to our fifth edition. From this year, topics of the Workshop have been extended to the more general Automata theme, including both theoretical and applicative aspects of this important computer science field. Click here for details
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