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July 18-21, 2011
22 joint conferences

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Parallel/Distributed applications: Numerical computations/methods, neural networks and fuzzy logic, medicine, remote sensing, computer vision, computer graphics and virtual reality, parallel/distributed databases, banking, financial markets, high-performance computational biology, ...
    • Parallel/Distributed architectures: Clusters and parallel systems of various topologies, supercomputers, shared memory, distributed memory, general- and special-purpose architectures, instructional level parallelism, ...
    • Networks and interconnection networks: Scalable networks, reconfigurable networks, routing issues, general-purpose network performance for distributed applications, network protocols, internet technology, optical interconnections and computing, novel network topologies, ...
    • Reliability and fault-tolerance: Software and hardware fault-tolerance (system- and application-level), fault diagnosis, fault-tolerance measurement.
    • Building block processors: Applications of processors that can be used as basic building blocks for multicomputer systems.
    • Real-time and embedded systems: Small-scale parallel systems for high-performance control, data acquisition, and analysis; configuration, routing, scheduling, performance guarantees, ...
    • Parallel/Distributed algorithms: Algorithms exploiting clusters and general-purpose distributed and parallel systems, new vector/pipeline issues, shared memory, distributed memory, virtual memory, ...
    • Multimedia communications, systems, and applications: High-speed networking, multimedia architectures and protocols, multimedia applications, quality of service support, operating system and networking support, internet tools and applications, audio/video delivery over the internet, ...
    • Software tools and environments for parallel and distributed platforms: operating systems, compilers, languages, debuggers, monitoring tools, software engineering on parallel/distributed systems, ...
    • High-performance computing in computational science: intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research programs and applications
    • Performance Evaluation and Management of Wireless Networks and Distributed Systems
    • FPGA-based design
    • Performance analysis, evaluation, prediction, ...
    • Nanotechnology in HPC
    • High-performance mobile computation and communication.
    • Object oriented technology and related issues.
    • Scheduling and resource management
    • Petri Nets: theory, analysis, tools and applications
    • Web-based simulation and computing
    • Cloud computing
    • Other aspects and applications relating to high-performance computations
    • Emerging technologies
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