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Accepted Paper Category: Regular Research Papers (RRP)

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    Accepted papers in Regular Research Papers (RRP) category will be presented in Formal Sessions. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long. Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a CD and/or on standard USB Flash Memory. You will be presenting your PowerPoint from a provided conference Laptop and LCD Projector. The 2007 PowePoint Viewer and Adobe Acrobat Reader will be available on all the Laptop computers. You are advised to copy your presentation to the laptop only at the beginning of your session. The conference administrator will remove all presentations after the conclusion of the last session each day. Overhead Projectors will also be provided by the conference (in case a speaker wishes to use transparencies). The link below offers a few tips and suggestions (provided by Dr. Namdar Mogharreban) that may be of use to speakers. Please note that these are only suggestions and are not required by the conference for preparation of your presentation: Tips and Suggestions for the Presenters

    The information about the time and the date of your presentation will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes available (in June). Each paper/presentation will be included in a relevant technical session - authors who will be presenting papers are expected to introduce themselves to the chair of the session approximately 5 minutes before the session starts (names of session chairs and conference room numbers will be emailed to you in June).

    Authors of papers in this category (RRP), who feel that they have language difficulties, might consider requesting their papers be moved to either one of RRR, SRP, or PST category. Such requests should be sent to Prof. H. R. Arabnia by email at

    Please note that you are required to upload an electronic copy of your Full Camera-ready Paper to the publication website before the announced deadline. Please follow the submission instructions shown on the website. The URL to the website is included in the notification of acceptance that has been emailed to the authors of the accepted papers.

    Accepted papers in this category will be included in the conference proceedings. Final Camera-Ready papers should not exceed 7 IEEE style pages (double-column format). For instructions regarding the preparation of the final Camera-Ready papers Click here.

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